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The Oasis of Peace elementary school is the jewel in the crown of Neve Shalom – Wahat al-Salam. Binational, bilingual and multicultural, the school educates children for peace and coexistence. Students from 24 different localities in the area learn together in an environment stressing an egalitarian approach in the children’s own day-to-day lives at school, modeled by the teaching staff, whose members continue to enrich their own world and their own identity while respecting and cherishing those who are different.

The aspiration for equality is evident on many levels: language, culture, study of scriptures and narratives, marking of shared national holidays and learning about the holidays of others. “Our choice is to acknowledge the other and see differentness as something enriching, beautiful, and moving… [with] the understanding that partnership that accepts disagreement, that grants equal legitimacy of both narratives… has enabled us to address the hardest questions…” (from a published account of the first twenty years of the educational system).

Over the years, the school has developed a range of innovative approaches to bilingual and multicultural education at the elementary level. The Oasis of Peace Elementary School strives to work together `with the other bilingual schools now proliferating in Israel to build a binational, bilingual educational sector here.
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The school for Peace

The School for Peace was founded in 1979 as an educational-political institution working to reflect the principles on which the village was established.
The aim of its activities, chiefly encounter workshops and training programs, is to enable participants to expand their perspective, critically examine their assumptions and try to understand the meaning of the processes “out there” in the larger society by means of dialogue. The School for Peace has a staff with equal numbers of Jews and Arabs and, since its founding, has hosted more than 35,000 Jewish and Arab participants in its programs.

The Fred Segal Peace & Wellness Library

In 2010 the first-ever regional library dedicated to peace and wellness officially opened its doors at Wahat al Salam – Neve Shalom, the Oasis of Peace. This innovative project will be the only specialized library in the country focusing on peace and conflict resolution on an international scholarly level, with a multimedia, multilingual and multidisciplinary scholarly resource collection from sociology, political science, psychology, history, and related legal issues, plus popular literature about peace and conflict.

The vision of Mr. Fred Segal has been the critical factor driving this project, enabling completion of the library building (inaugurated on April 22, 2010). Funding is still needed for interior furnishings, reading materials and other essential equipment.

Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom provides a unique setting for such a library, as the only place in Israel where Jews and Arabs, in response to the conflict, have chosen to live together. A unique example of mutual cooperation, the village is an international focus of educational interest and the Peace Library promises to become a valuable resource for visitors from near and far.

Anchoring a gradually expanding Peace Campus embracing the existing and future educational institutions of the village, the Peace Library will also serve local and adjacent communities. Activists from everywhere will be welcome at its Peace NGO Resource Center. Its reading room will offer high quality literature in Arabic, Hebrew and English, including a special collection of books focusing on personal health and wellbeing.

The library and its multi-use courtyard will serve up to 250 visitors a day. It will host small-scale professional research conferences, seminars and workshops in peace studies and related fields. It will also house a new MA program in Peace and Conflict Studies, currently under development, in cooperation with the College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

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