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  • מרכז המבקרים

  • מרכז המבקרים

  • מרכז המבקרים

Neve Shalom Visitors Center

The village’s Visitors Center introduces visitors to the life of the community and the ideology on which it is based.
The center offers a variety of programs tailored to groups or individuals and focusing on peace and coexistence, from short lectures to full-day workshops. The talks are available in several languages by prearrangement, and may be customized in various directions: 

  • Education: Discover the toddlers and young students of the Oasis of Peace binational educational system, which deals every day with the integration of different cultures in one curriculum. Meet some of the devoted staff of Jewish and Arab teachers. These meetings can be designed for teachers and educators, and for schools wishing to have their students encounter a different educational reality.
  • Lectures on interreligious coexistence: Hear about the diverse religious mosaic of Neve Shalom – Wahat al-Salam, from its Jewish, Muslim and Christian residents; visit the village’s spiritual Center and the House of Silence, and learn about the vision of Father Bruno Hussar, founder of the village. A talk or a workshop with representatives of the different religions can be arranged, portraying how interfaith coexistence is lived daily at the village. Special days of prayer and other gatherings can also be arranged.
  • Cross-cultural coexistence: Encounter the possibility of diverse cultures flourishing side by side, in mutual respect, without loss of one’s identity or culture. Residents can explain how this kind of coexistence actually works at the village.
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Address political issues arising from the shared life lived at the village, in discussion groups or through lectures by a Palestinian and a Jewish Israeli speaker.